Bandiera 150x85cm Black Good Guys In Bad Lands (ggbl-ga2006)

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Bandiera 150X85CM.
Colore BLACK.
Materiale tessuto NAUTICO 100%.

Good Guys in Bad Lands was born in 2012 on Facebook.
Its designer is a soldier returned from an unfortunate mission where he loses a squadron mate while another fellow soldier gets seriously injured during a firefight with Insurgents in Balamorghab, Afghanistan. Tested by this strong experience, he creates one of the first military related fan-pages dedicated to the memory of all missing soldiers all over the world.
The page is a window into the social media world and is created to bring the web population the attention to the respect and dutiful appreciation towards these “Good Guys” deployed: the Good Guys in Bad Lands.

Good Guys in Bad Lands, after the success of the events promoted in Italy.
Is developing other international projects, in order to support foreign
military units.
Thanks to its Mission, it has established excellent relationships all over the world with military associations, becoming a container of different realities but working as a glue to promote and spread new initiatives, as the numbers increase exponentially.

The main project of “Good Guys in Bad Lands” is charity: it aims to offerproducts/voucher (linked to the logo) that partners decide to donate monthly and that are sold at auction on eBay.
It is necessary to promote, at the same time on all available media, the successful cooperation with the sponsoring companies and organizations, identified from month to month, treasuring their catchment area, with the purpose of a greater disclosure and the success of ongoing promotions.
The proceeds entirely go to noble causes, such as support of the departments, the families of the victims of duty and the post-war traumatic shock patients.
All projects are linked to a selected list of international associations that could support auctions with a safe feedback for everyone.
The “Good Guys in Bad Lands Project” is still available to further collaborations with new partners.


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