DELRIN Lightened PRO Piston TopMax (tmptna/mim)

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The lightened PRO piston by TopMax Elaborazioni is made with a compound based on DELRIN, Elastomer and Fiberglass, melted and printed industrially in specific percentages provided by TopMax Elaborazioni. The rack of our PRO piston is made of noble metal powders using M.I.M. (Metal Injection Molding) technology, with a value of about 98/99% full of the total mass (performance comparable only with CNC pieces that are 100% full of the total mass).  

The overall weight of the lightened PRO piston with M.I.M. rack stands at 14,20gr. The structure, both as material and geometry, makes it one of the most resistant in the world to the stresses inside the GearBox. The lightened PRO piston in DELRIN by TopMax Elaborazioni is compatible with all the V2s and V3s GearBoxes and similar on the market (TECH TIPS: to avoid any type of problem with GearBox length, we recommend to remove one tooth in release from the sector gear, as we designed the rack for a perfect fitting with SHS sector gear ring nut).
The M.I.M. rack is designed with the second missing tooth and the third tooth already lowered with a 30° bevel, ensuring a perfect working cycle and engagement with the sector gear. Metal Injection Molding allows to obtain components, normally obtained from bars, forged and/or molded, with greater and wider geometric flexibility while maintaining the characteristics of resistance and durabilità practically identical to those made by CNC process.
TECH TIP. The rack and the lenght of the TopMax PRO pistons have been designed for a perfect complanarity with the sector gears teeth. This particular design can lead, on some GearBoxes, to the fact that the piston touches the back of the GearBox shells before reaching the release moment.  For this reason we STRONGLY RECOMMEND to check if the piston is free to disengage from the sector gear before reaching the back of the GearBox shells. Beside this checking procedure, TopMax Elaborazioni STRONGLY RECOMMENDS to cut at least 1 or 2 teeth in release (depending on the GearBox) on all preparations/configurations with our PRO piston.
The stress-test carried out on the lightened PRO piston with M.I.M rack have been performed with springs and R.O.Fs. higher than those provided by the Italian law, so the product will ensure reliability, resistance, durability and very high perfomance even with high speed/R.O.Fs configurations.

To fix the rack on the piston we recommend to have a look at the assembly tutorial at the link, and use Loctite SuperAttak Gel or similar to do it.

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