Terms and conditions


All the goods are checked and tested before packing so if any defect emerges at delivery we will provide for immediate replacement it is specified that all costs related to shipments are charged to the customer
The warranty of the ASGs on manufacturing defects is 60 days, but does not include any damage caused by the incorrect use of the rifle in question, even in this case if the manufacturing defect will be recognized, we will repair the item and return it to the customer, who will bear both shipping costs
It is also specified that the battery, charger and charger being homages included in the packaging by the manufacturer, are not subject to any guarantee formula.


Support for any modifications or repairs, with technical experts in our store.
The cost of labor is equal to € 20.00 per hour.
(can be requested quotes)

For more information via email to the email contact us at info@softairgames.net