Airsoft Piston Full Metal Teeth Fps (pm02)




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NEW type with body UPDATED.
FPS is proud to present the first piston with 100% Made in
Italy technopolymer body and all metal teeth.

For the material of the piston the POM C was chosen, a technopolymer
with high mechanical performances and a very low friction coefficient
because it is self lubricating.
The rack has been manufactured using MIM (Metal Injection Molding)
technology, because this production process guarantees dimensional
precision and strength equal to those of solid machining.
The rack is presented with the second missing tooth and with the
 third already lowered by 3 tenths of a millimeter because this
configuration predisposes the piston itself for a correct angle of
engagement (AOE) and makes it suitable for high speed.
The type of metal injected is SAE 4650 which is currently
 considered the best material on the market for this type of use.
The sliding guides are designed to minimize friction and retain the
 lubricant for a long period of time.
The rack seat is decentralized to favor the coupling between the
piston teeth and those of the sector gear.
The longitudinal reinforcements at the sides of the teeth increase the
robustness of the piston and avoid contact of the rack with the inner
wall of the cylinder.
Special ribs decrease the contact surface between the spring and the
 internal part of the piston body and consequently also the friction
 between metal and technopolymer is decreased during contraction
and elongation due to the firing cycle.



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Airsoft Piston Full Metal Teeth Fps (pm02)

Airsoft Piston Full Metal Teeth Fps (pm02)