B3 35w Compact Lipo/life/nimh Charger Imaxrc (471130)

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· Power Input: AC 100 to 240V
· Power Output:35 Watts
· Charge Rate: Up to 1.5C
· Charge current: Up to 4.0A
· Battery Type: Lipo 2 to 3 Series / NiMH 1 to 8 Cells/LiFe 2 to 3 Series
iMaxRC B3 35W Compact Charger*1
AC Input Cord*1
Instruction manual*
(for mini tamiya battery need special connector).
The B3 35W charges 2 to 3 Series Lipo, 1 to 8 Cells NiMH and 2 to 3 Series LiFe battery packs with just the press of a button. Everything is automatic, so there’s no complicated guesswork. You get a safe, high-quality charge every time. It’s the easiest charger you’ll ever use!
1. Connect the charger to its power source, using the AC power cord provided. When connected to power, the charger will make a single audible tone and the LiPo Status LED will illuminate green.
2. Plug your battery into the EC3 connector if you’re charging a NiMh battery. If you’re charging a LiPo battery, plug its balance connector into the matching balance port on the charger, too.

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