Jubileum 360 maximum power pepper spray refill defense system (99906)

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Jubileum 360 pepper spray refill

OC percentage 10%
Scoville degree of spiciness 2,000,000
Quantity 20 ml

This spray is a natural-based product (oil extracted from the distillation of red pepper), oleoresin capsicum in a percentage equal to 10% effective and safe: it bothers the upper respiratory tract and the eyes, causing transient effects, not harmful or toxic to health .

It does not cause temporary or permanent injuries, to the detriment of the person, the spray once used, causes the aggressor to close the eyes for about 20-25 minutes and the partial closure of the respiratory tract, strong cough, intense burning thus giving us time to escape and / or call for help.

It does not contain any type of aggressive chemical (LAW 467/95). The free sale of the NATO spray and its compliance with the Ministerial Circular of the Interior nr. 559 / C-50.055-A77 of 09/01/1998 was ascertained by the Department of Public Security, Central Directorate of the Criminal Police, scientific police service, prot. Nr. 1-077-bal 04 in the technical report of 28 June 2004 in the Proc. P. n. 10081/04 and confirmed at national level by the order issued by the Lazio Regional Administrative Court of 10/01/2008.

Use in self-defense only in case of need.
Avoid improper use or as a game against people and animals.

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