M.i.t. Military Intelligence Tracer Unit + Laser Peq Black G&g (gg-01047-2)

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Model color BLACK.

MIT UNIT is made in form of silencer.
Thread 14x1 left (negative).
Dimensions 195 x 42 mm.
The M.I.T. integrates a computer microchip whose interface is localized on the left side of the unit in the form of a small backlit blue light with highly visible white characters and with four buttons for the activation of the different functions.
The display must keep the user of the operating status of M.I.T. the level of battery charge and the type of features used.
The features available on the MIT are four All employees from the work of a network of sensors and lasers emitting diodes placed inside the device.

The first and easiest is to laser designation of targets: a ray of light in visible red light is emitted from a diode placed next to the sprint, and in addition to illuminate the target calculates, within its range of action, the distance in meters by the shooter.

The second and the third, very useful for both preliminary tests and the shooting of replies just buy that in the conduct of battles, they are parallel and almost "overlapping", and consist in the counting of shots fired and the muzzle velocity of the bullet 6mm BB; All data are shown in the multifunction display, and if in the middle of a "Skirmish" help the user to keep track of shots remaining in the charging unit to stay dry at the worst time, during the "running-in" can help you choose what type of BB, weight and composition, best match the features of its ASG favorite.

The last, certainly the most intriguing and interesting, is the "BB Tracer", which involves the use of special pellets 6mm provided by both the same G & G by third parties. With the "BB Tracer" activated, these special bullets that pass beneath the laser diode within the MIT will be activated: the chemical compound within them light up, and will shine in the dark for a short period, functioning in fact as true tracer bullets, in a much more realistic if it will be used in conjunction with non-tracer bullets in measurement, such as , five to one in the magazine. A true "force multiplier" in sessions "Wargame" at night or in conditions of low ambient light.

7.2 Internal rechargeable battery lipo.
Battery charger.
ANPEQ RED LASER with remote control.

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