V2 EVO! tappet plate TopMax (tmastv2)

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The V2 EVO! tappet plate by TopMax Elaborazioni is made with a multi-polymer compound melted and printed industrially in specific percentages provided by TopMax Elaborazioni. The multi-polymer compound used makes the final product resistant, solid, flexible, long-lasting and light, and it also makes the product extremely performing on any type of configuration and ensure the right degree of elasticità and rigidity at the same time. The dimensions and characteristics of the tappet plate are such as guarantee the best possible smoothness inside the GearBox compared to other similar products on the market.

The V2 EVO! tappet plate by TopMax Elaborazioni has been designed on the experience gained over the years on the most different configurations, and is marked by some unique characteristics:
- 45° degree bevel on the corners that are generated by the lightening of the tappet plate body to facilitate sliding and reduce the problems associated with any mold burrs present on the GearBox,
- self-lubrification grooves made with axis parallel to the movement axis of the tappet plate itself,
- pre-engraved and angled cutting notches on the fin of the tappet plate for easy installation on any type of configuration inside the GearBox,
- re-designed height of the nozzle housing recess, for perfect axiality with the TopMax Elaborazioni air kit.

The stress-test carried out on the V2 EVO! tappet plate have been performed with springs and R.O.Fs. higher than those provided by the Italian law, so the product will ensure reliability, resistance, durability and very high perfomance even with high speed/R.O.Fs configurations.
To install the V2 EVO! tappet plate we recommend to have a look at the tutorial at the link, www.youtube.com/TopMax

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