Plate Carrier Cpc Crusader Qr Type Coyote Brown Templar's Gear (tg-cpc-qr-cb)

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CPC plate carrier CRUSADER.
QR TYPE model.
CORDURA® material.

Templars Gear Cruseder Plate Carrier is the result of many years of evolution, the popular LPC tactical vest.
The result is advanced tactical designed vest is made of high quality laser-cut Cordura laminate with use Quick Release system.

The vest consists of two panels, front and back, which are joined together through with the Quick Release system.
The system is based on composite frames located on the ends of the shoulder straps and the belt, as well as the cord which should be properly fastened in the shoulder straps and back panel.
Thanks to this, in an emergency situation, you can take off the whole vest with one pull.
The Crusader Plate Carrier is available in two sizes and is adapted to carry SAPI / ESAPI ballistic plates with a maximum size of 24 x 32 cm for size M and 26 x 34 cm for size L.
They are mounted in two velcro-fastened pockets.
The whole surface of the vest instead of hemming with MOLLE / PALS tapes, has laser cut slots, which still allows any configuration of pouches.
Back of the vest is adapted to fasten additional panels with zip fasteners.
The internal part of Plate Carrier has special foam spacers that are designed to improve air circulation and comfort of use at full load.
On the front panel there is an elongated piece of turnip designed for patches or infrared identifiers.
On both sides of the front panel there are also adjustable loops for guiding the radio wires or the hydration system tube.
Set also includes redesigned, velcro-padded shoulder pads that allow for even distribution of the weight of the whole vest.

In the bottom section there is a wide Cummerbund belt, which consists of two layers of laminate, with additionall stiffeners. This will ensure adequate rigidity of the structure even at high loads. The skeletal structure ensures excellent ventilation during use. In addition, it is possible to install the side ballistic shields by rolling them in adapted pockets. The pocket fastening system by threading the strips between the laminate layers eliminates the risk of abrasion during use. The belt is inside the rear panel and fastened on to the front with velcro and with QR system at the back.

The product should be cleaned as recommended by the manufacturer at temperatures up to 30 C deg.
It is also recommended instead of washing, cleaning with a damp sponge or with detergents dedicated to Cordura wash and care.

Available in two sizes:
- M SAPI 241 x 318 mm (9½ x 12½ in).
- L SAPI 260 x 337 mm (10⅛ x 13¼ in).

Made of durable, lightweight laser-cut Cordura 500 laminate.
System Quick Release for quick vest dropping of.
On the entire surface there are laser-cut slots for attaching the MOLLE / PALS pouches and pockets.
Inner pockets at the front and back intended for ballistic inserts.
Redesigned rear panel for easier belt attachment.
Wide and adjustable cummerbund hybrid belt with Quick Release buckles.
Shoulder straps ended with Quick Release buckles.
Possibility to use panels with a set of pouches or mounting pouches directly on the vest.
Possibility to fasten the panels on the back using zip fasteners.
A set of redesigned shoulder pads.
Adjustable with velcro.
Velcro ID panel with patches and identifiers on the front.
Loops to secure the hydration system tube or radiostation wires.
The interior of the vest finished with foam spacing panels.
Evacuation handle.
D-Ring for activate QR system.

Templar's Gear is the brand that produces equipment and technically innovative tactics
advanced. All Templar's products are designed and produced with your needs.
Their products are focused on functionality, ergonomics, durability and light weight.
They use only top of the line materials and components - as original Ranger Green,
Pencott, Multicam, A-TACS, Woodland or Coyote Brown Cordura fabrics provided by
major European and US manufacturers. For production, we use state-of-the-art
CAD software, laser cutting and sewing machines.
With the cut of their fabrics with a laser cutting, can renounce the use of belts
textile. It is replaced with laser cutting, MOLLE compatible holes. This allows you to
significantly reduce the weight of their products without any loss of functionality and
It makes it possible to provide camouflage uniform on all surfaces.
The perforated requires a great strength fabric to resist the loads. On the other hand,
mass reduction requires textiles with low mass. The laminate based Cordura
500D we use is the best choice, combining the durability and stiffness required
with a low weight. Each of their products undergo a rigorous inspection process

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