Aeg 2 Version Ergal Cnc Bearing Spring Guide Amo-tech® (amt-18)



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Reinforced bearing spring guide.
Material ERGAL machined CNC.
Model with round pins.
For AEG series electric rifles.
Super light weight and new design.
Especially for Version 2 Gear Box of Systema, Classic Army, G&P, ETC...
Suitable for M4 , M16 , SR16 , MP5 , MC51 , G3 , MINIMI , LR300, ETC...

AMO-TECH® new line of products by SOFTAIR GAMES.
Thanks to our experience in the field and in the market for years now here
the new line of products for every need and continuously updated.
Thanks to technical experts and designers we have created a new brand as a point
reference for each SOFT-GUNNER. Along with AMO-TECH® will always
able to be at the TOP with your setup and your replicas, thanks to all products
quality and innovative in the field of SOFTAIR AIRSOFT.


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