AEG Spring RCS 95m/s Stabilizing Central Shrink TopMax (tm95rcs)

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Born from the collaboration between TopMax Elaborazioni (for dimensional specifications) and Pirani Springs (O.E.M. and technical consultant), the RCS springs are Made in Italy and are sized and tested using the double bearing on the spring guide and under the piston head on 300.00mm inner barrels.
The line of PVPs and RCS_it springs of TopMax Elaborazioni is entirely realized by Pirani Springs on our specifications to combine two brands of excellence and quality of Made In Italy in the AirSoft world.

The central stabilization shrink allows the spring to maintain a more linear and straight position inside the air group, minimizing lateral displacements and maximizing the lifespan of the spring itself, moreover the consistency of the  performance of the RCS_it springs allows to obtain a firmer shot. The RCS_it springs by TopMax Elaborazioni are individually tested during production to guarantee the value expressed in m/s.
Technical specification of the 95m/s RCS_it spring:
Spring length – 170.00mm,
Spring outer diameter – 14.30mm.
Pre-hardening treatment of steel,
Grinding on the ends (for perfect complanarity with the guide-spring and piston head bearing surface),
Progressive variable pitch of the turns,
Thermal stabilization treatment of the product.
We recommend using the spring in the configuration with a bearing on the spring guide and one under the piston head, to achieve the indicated performance and keep the duration as constant as possible over time.

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