Spring D90 Variable Step Dm.ac (dmac-d90)



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Born from the collaboration with a leading company in the sector for 30 years, the D90 spring is made of pre-drilled steel with variable pitch.

The code 90 distinguishes the speed in m / s reachable with dots of 0,20gr.

Calibrated on a replica with inner-barrel of 6.08 and 220mm in length, using a type A cylinder (for pipes from 180 to 250 mm) with a perfect closure between pellet and hop-up pads and without bearings or thicknesses on the head piston on the spring guide.

The study of the step, the final length and its construction makes the spring soft during compression and fast in release, ideal for high speed mechanics.

Construction features:
Pre-tempered steel;
Stabilization at 400 °
Rectified and self-centering ends
Shot peening treatment (improves the surface distribution of residual stresses by increasing the fatigue strength of the treated piece).
Final stabilization at 200 °


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