Kit Marui Next Gen. Sre Ergal For Ak (dmac-ngrs-ak-erg)



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KIT SRE, for Marui Next Generation AK version.

Made with CNC machining, the SRE kit for AK is designed specifically to increase performance, increase reliability and reduce sound at each firing cycle.

- The cylinder head Made of Ergal 7075, has in the lower part a cone of greater diameter with a well-marked angle able to direct the flow of air towards the nozzle and is designed to adapt perfectly to the piston head.
At the ends there are two rubber pads with a circular section.
The one placed in the part in contact with the piston head is designed to reduce the impact surface between the two heads while maintaining excellent vibro-damping properties, while the one placed in contact with the gearbox combined with the elliptical holes ensures that the head is not on the centering pins (main cause of breakage) damping the impacts at best lengthening the life of the gearbox.
- The piston head made of Ergal 7075, light and resistant, with its installation allows you to adjust the angle of engagement automatically improving the mechanical performance and thanks to its geometries improves accuracy and range.

N.B. the thickness of fixing to the piston made of aluminum has been calibrated to be used also with the original Marui spring, increasing the power without changing the spring;


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Kit Marui Next Gen. Sre Ergal For Ak (dmac-ngrs-ak-erg)

Kit Marui Next Gen. Sre Ergal For Ak (dmac-ngrs-ak-erg)