Credit card folding safety knife black iain sinclair (is-59669)

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Iain Sinclair CardSharp 2 Knife

LIGHTWEIGHT – 13 grams
ULTRA THIN – 2.2 mm thick
RAZOR SHARP – Surgical blade technology with extra long 65mm cutting edge ensures longer lasting sharpness. Blade made from high quality rust free stainless steel. Blade color choice: Teflon Black or Natural Brushed Stainless Steel.
SAFETY – Blade edge is protected when stored in wallet, drawer, or kit bag which avoids accidents and blunting (blunting often caused by rubbing against other knives or tools). Integral blade ‘sheath’ cannot be lost. Protective hilt appears when opened. When docked in closed position, design prevents injury. Cannot fold accidentally (as some folding pocket knives). Blade is locked solidly in open, cutting mode with no blade tremor allowing accurate precision cutting.
WATERPROOF – Machine washable with no hinged parts to rust up like ordinary folding pocket knives.
LEGAL – Blade is under 3” (76 mm) and is visible when closed so easily identifiable as a knife (optional clear body versions show blade from both sides – P.O.A). Note: legal restrictions vary internationally.

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