Piston Head Pom Ball Bearing Aeg Magic Box (mb-0100244001)



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13,90 €

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Piston head for AEG.
POM polymer material.
Rear bearing balls.
It improves the operation efficiency of the air flow through the cylinder.
Maximum performance and quality.
Single O-RING.
Upgrade that can dramatically increase the efficiency of your AEG.

Magic Box was created during a time when the quality of the internal parts of update
was going downhill fast. Mr. Fan, the owner and head Airsmith TOT Gun Shop in Taiwan,
saw the need for change. TOT Gun Shop is considered the best of renovation and
repair shop Taiwan and its reputation was consolidated with Magic Box. Armed with the
technical knowledge of what it takes to reach an airsoft gun perfectly balanced, Mr. Fan
has begun to create a line of components custom interior upgrade tailored to its specific
needs her. The end result was a brand of Magic Box competitive price of internal parts
of update with superlative quality and efficiency in the sector and the market.


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