POWER HYBRID Piston Head + Weight Pad Set gate (gate-ph-ph)

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Brand: GATE
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The piston head designed especially for standard and high-performance builds helping you achieve the best results and overcome limits. Thanks to the use of 10 vents, airflow significantly increases improving sealing. High quality aircraft-grade aluminum CNC machining ensures repeatability of shots, the perfect head-to-cylinder seal, and high power. Together with adjustable AOE, it is essential for every build. The special weight pads included in the kit allow using heavier BBs in DMR builds.

Weight adjustment

The system originates from sniper rifles, where users can reach higher FPS by only adding a heavier piston, and not a stronger spring. We’ve developed our piston head to achieve the same in electric DMR replicas. The correlation is simple – the heavier piston head prevents FPS drops when using heavier BBs (above 0.3 g). The final performance depends on the specific replica setup.


    Designed especially for standard and high-performance builds
    10 vents enhancing airflow and sealing
    Ultra-high quality of aircraft-grade aluminum CNC machining
    Perfect head-to-cylinder seal
    AOE spacer included
    Weight adjustment for heavier BBs in DMR builds
    Weight pads included
    No limits in spring power
    No modification of AEG required
    Dedicated especially to pros and skilled users
    Piston head weight 4.7 g (without the bearing or pads)


    All standard AEG cylinders
    All standard AEG cylinder heads
    All standard AEG pistons
    O-rings 19x2.4 mm

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