Electric rifle NOVESKE Space Invader Pistol DARK EARTH EMG (emg-nsi-9d)

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Brand: EMG
Weight: 2.40kg
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The APS Noveske Space Invader AEG is a 9mm style M4 / AR platform gun that comes in a very compact and capable package. The gun features an LC compatible handguard with picatinny rail on the bottom allowing for easy mounting of accessories. As an added bonus, the Space Invader also comes with an MP5 style tri-lug muzzle device that is threaded 14mm CCW found under the thread protector. However, the tri-lug does allow for the mounting of compatible MP5 suppressors easily without the need to use the threads.

Internally the Space Invader uses the APS eS.D.U. gearbox which allows you to program it between 5 different shooting modes:

    Mode 1 (Default): Safe, Semi, Auto
    Mode 2: Safe, Semi, 3rd Burts
    Mode 3: Safe, 2rd Burst, Auto
    Mode 4: Safe, 3rd Burst, Auto
    Mode 5: Safe, 3rd Burst, 9rd Burst

Each mode can be programmed by using a button that is underneath the gearbox which is accessible via the magwell. A red LED will blink twice indicating it has accepted the changes. To change modes, simply do the same or unplug the battery to return back to default mode.

Data sheet
Caliber    6mm Airsoft
Lenght (mm)    690
Weight    2380gr
Material    Aluminum
Thread type    14mm CCW
Hop-up    Adjustable
Firing mode    Semi + Burst + Auto
Attachment System    LC
Power source    Electric
Inner barrel (mm)    215
Inner Barrel dia (mm)    6.05
Gearbox    Hybrid V2
Gearbox inserts    8mm Bearings
Gear ratio    18:1 Torque
Quick change spring    Yes
Integrated Mosfet    Yes Factory built in
Trigger System    Electronic
Motor    V2 Long Axis
Magazine Version    Hi-cap
Magazine capacity    210
Battery    Not Included
Battery charger    Not Included
Battery Connector    DEAN (T-Plug)

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