Leviathan v3 optical mosfet jefftron (jt-lev-v3)

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leviathan v3 optical mosfet by jefftron
new version with optical sensors
mosfet controlled by a processor with wireless communication
allows you to add new shooting modes, rate of fire control, pre-cocking, active braking, low battery indication, statistics and much more
controllable from ios and android smartphone application
replaces the original trigger contacts inside the version 3 gearbox
trigger not included
main functions:
- adds new independent firing modes for each selector position (safe - semi - auto)
- three adjustable bursts (from 2 to 20 shots)
- firing speed can be reduced to 40%. adds pauses between shots to reduce the rate of fire. it provides a quick trigger response even with a very low firing speed, just like in a real pistol
- active braking with adjustable strength (can be disabled)
- pre-cocking function for instant firing on semi-automatic fire
- the delay between shots adds time in which it is not possible to fire to simulate the delay in reloading or recoil of the weapon (from 0.1 to 4.0 seconds)
- the electronic fuse allows the detection of high currents to avoid damage if something does not work correctly
- low battery indication for 2s - 4s li-po and 3s - 4s li-fe
- the statistics screen shows firing data with cycle times, motor energy consumption, firing speed and mosfet temperature. allows you to make a perfect setting of the gearbox
- the application shows the current value of the battery voltage. the colored lines indicate the state of charge of the battery
- user can save multiple settings in profiles
- the application is constantly updated to fix bugs and add new features
- there are three shot counters. total counter that indicates the total number of shots fired during the entire life of the device. user counter that can be reset at any time by the user. power-up counter that is reset at each battery connection
- there is an error log which records all errors that occurred during the entire life of the device
- for greater security, the wireless connection can be disabled using the selector
- the device continuously monitors current, voltage and temperature to avoid damage in case of problems
- the motor vibrates and beeps as feedback to the user
- programming settings are saved inside the device and are not lost when the battery is disconnected or the connection with the smartphone is lost
shooting mode:
can be set independently for each selector position (safe - semi - auto)
- safe: no response to trigger pull
- semi: fires a single shot with each pull of the trigger
- semi / burstx: a short pull of the trigger fires a single shot, the long press fires the burst x
- binary trigger: fires a single shot when the trigger is pulled and another single when released
- burstx: fires a burst with each pull of the trigger
- burstx + bursty: a short press of the trigger shoots the burst x, the long press shoots the burst y
- burstx / full: a short press of the trigger fires the burst x, the long press fires full-auto
- full: continuous firing from the pressure to the release of the trigger
Technical specifications:
- easy installation inside gearbox version 3, compatible with the tokyo marui standard
- uses an optical sensor implemented by the sector gear for a perfect timing of semi and full-auto firing
- optical sensor for the firing selector
- real feel trigger system (rfts) function
- thanks to its advanced electronics leviathan - v3 can be used with any standard gearbox upgrade and rate of fire of the replica
- the wiring allows a quick and easy installation and is long enough for all types of replica with battery housing in the stock or in the front. no welding is necessary
- the power cables are of high quality 1.5 qmm (awg16) with thin and resistant mppe insulation and blue signal cable 0.34 qmm (awg24) with mppe insulation
- the external diameter of the power cables is only 2.06 mm and that of the blue wire is 1.24 mm
- the card is covered with a protective coating that protects the device from water
- for the correct functioning of the pre-cocking it is necessary to have a functional anti-reversal in the gearbox
- usable with standard batteries up to 17v (ni-xx 8.4 - 12v, li-po 7.4 - 14.8v)
- the device increases the rate of fire and the batteries last longer than when used with basic wiring
- with active braking the piston is not partially stretched, the spring is completely released, the mechanical parts are not under stress and the nozzle blocks most of the hop up (depends on the rof)
- in replicas with very high rate of fire the active braking solves multiple shots in semi-auto mode
- the braking effect is strong on high torque motors
useful links:
leviathan mobile app by jefftron for ios and android smartphones
installation manual for leviathan - v3 in English [pdf, 25.1 mb]
leviathan by jefftron q & a discussion forum on facebook
safety information:
- the installation of the device inside the gearbox requires advanced technical skills
- read the instructions carefully before installation to avoid damage
- short circuits or batteries not connected correctly cause immediate damage to the device which is not covered by warranty. it can also cause the battery to ignite or explode
- disconnect the battery when you are not using the replica! otherwise the battery will be completely discharged because the device continuously consumes some energy.
- do not connect the battery when there are people or animals in front of the gun
- do not modify, do not repair, do not wet with any type of liquid, do not cause thermal shock to the device
inside the package
- Leviathan v3 drop-in electronic module with rear or front wiring
- 2x screws with washer for fixing the device in the gearbox
- 2x foam for hair trigger mode
- rtfs spring
- stickers for selector plate
- Leviathan 40mm black sticker
- instruction manual in English

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