Aster v.3 basic module gate (gate-ast3-bm)

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ASTER V3™ will transform your AEG with V3 gearbox into computerized training weapon system equipped with optical sensors instead of mechanical switches, which can be prone to faults. With additional dongle it enables you to adjust the trigger sensitivity with military precision. Innovative proximity trigger sensor offers up to 315 different sensitivity settings.

Thanks to our built-in technology, you choose how to configure ASTER. Do you need a quick change in settings on the battlefield? You can do it via trigger. If you prefer full control and visual interface, connect your replica via USB-Link or Blu-Link dongles with our GCS App. To enjoy full potential of ASTER, you can upgrade its firmware to ADVANCED or EXPERT version.

Take the next step and gain additional functions with ADVANCED and EXPERT upgrades. Enjoy access to main ETU statistics and measurements, precise ROF control, all fire modes such as customizable burst, semi ramping, burst/auto on one mode, equalizer, sniper delay and many other extremely useful functions - everything to prepare for the most demanding mission.

Kit contents:

    ASTER Module with BASIC firmware edition
    ASTER Patch
    2 x 'Programming via Trigger' Card
    Installation Kit
    Quickstart Guide

Please note: In order to configure ASTER via GCS App, you need the USB-Link or Blu-Link, which is not included in the kit.

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