Black Airsoft Spring Grenade Bigrr Gbr (br-cg-01)



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GBR Airsoft Grenade (Black)
Airsoft use only.
Durable ABS Construction.
Reuseable design. Only need 5 second to reset.
Non gas / electric operated.  Explode when collide slightly after pulling out safety pin.
Covers a wide range with a diameter of 5 meters.
Can load up to 130 6mm BBs or others.

Operating manual:
1. Open the black cap at the bottom of the grenade and rotate in counter clockwise, load up and cover the cap.
2. Pull out the safety pin and throw to the target when use. The grenade will be triggered when colliding ground or wall.
3. After collecting the used grenade, press the two-layer springboards back, reset the safety lever, and insert the safety pin to use again.

Height: 130mm.
Dia: 50mm.
Material: ABS.


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