Delta Strike 6.20mm Inner Barrel 260mm Prometheus (pr-187081)



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DELTA STRIKE inner barrel.
Diameter: 6.20mm.
Length: 260mm.
It provides great stability to BB with its retention insert 3 points.
Window ho pup extended.
Retention insert 3 points center the BB to center of hole.
Hopup extended window provides great backspin.
Effectively increasing the range.
Wide 6.20mm inner hole allows air to cushion under the BB and "rides" long.
The top prevents the BB to hit the sides of the inner barrel.
It provides a much more consistent trajectory of other barrel on the market.
The range and accuracy are greatly increased because of the air cushion.
The barrel is made of high quality of heavy brass.
Polished barrel and crowned for consistent performance.
Inside the barrel was covered with what Prometheus.
He calls their "brilliant BC Coating", which also provides smoother internal polishing.
Standard compatibility electric guns (AEG).
Standard compatibility MARUI and clones.
(Requires rubber "Flat Hop").

PROMETHEUS 100% made in Japan with high quality materials.


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