Arm Hop Up Chamber Vsr-10 Flat Version (dmac-vsr-flat)



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Hop Up Chamber lever VSR10.
FLAT model.
Optimized for any type of 100% rubber compatible with the original TOKYO MARUI & WELL hop-up chamber.

Thanks to its special design, our Flat pressor is the right compromise between range and precision.
Compatible with standard adjustment.

100% Made in Italy.

Tested with power at 0.99J maximum usable weight 0.28g

Tested with power at 1.70J maximum usable weight 0.40g



Compatibile ma non al 100%

Pressore utilizzato per un vsr10 gspec, non compatibile in quanto la larghezza del pressore non entra correttamente spingendo la gobba del pallino solo in parte. Ho dovuto dimezzare lo spessore per avere una pressione ottimale.

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Arm Hop Up Chamber Vsr-10 Flat Version (dmac-vsr-flat)

Arm Hop Up Chamber Vsr-10 Flat Version (dmac-vsr-flat)