Mechanical and gears grease TopMax (tmgm)

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The grease for mechanical components of the TopMax Elaborazioni is a high-performance grease for all metal/steel components subject to high speeds and medium/high effort/loads. Its chemical composition, guarantees adhesiveness to the application areas, makes it almost totally odorless, resistant to washing in water, suitable for long-lasting lubrification applications thanks to the reduced evaporation of the oily component and to counteract oxidation, corrosion and wear.

How to apply TopMax mechanical components grease:
The application of grease on mechanical parts, must be done through dispensers and/or small brushes in order not to overdo the quantities. Apply grease for mechanical components on contact points and friction-prone parts such as gears and tappet plate.
The temperature's operating range is between from -35 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius. Once opened it can be stored in its original packaging for up to 60 months, keeping the physical-chemical properties up to temperatures of 32 degrees Celsius.

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