100bb Blue Rotating Gas Grenade E-raz Z-parts (zp-ac13024b)

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Brand: Z-PARTS
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Rotating grenade.
E-RAZ model.
GAS operation.
100bb capacity
BLUE color.
Reusable: Yes.
Activation: Impact.
Material: Reinforced polymer.
Dispersion BB: 360°.
Dimensions: 52mmx88mm.
Weight: 180g.

The E-RAZ is a green gas grenade which, once launched, allows disperse up to 100 bb's in all directions.
This type of grenade is an excellent alternative to pyrotechnic grenades as it can be recharged and is less dangerous.
The use is simple and effective, just load the shell with gas, bb's and throw it on a hard surface to activate it.
Once in operation, the grenade will start rotating, dispersing the BB in all directions.
The body is constructed of robust polymer and is monoblock providing more strength and rigidity.
Thanks to the dedicated design, you can use most brands of gas and pellets without the need for dedicated tools.
The E-RAZ is the perfect tool for grenade lovers and for those who want to free rooms and corners without spending unnecessary money in top-ups.
Return the activation button.
Insert the safety pin.
Load the grenade with BB and gas.

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