Grenade 40mm Mike Airsoft Innovation (ai-ain265001)

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40 Mike is the most powerful 40mm grenade ever made.
Offers an unprecedented range of up to 30 meters, 150BB of capacity and shoots every BB at 240 fps.
Using the patented Quantum Drive technology with the highest energy ever seen in a 40 mm gas grenade.

· Range up to 30 m: you get a dispersion from 3 to 30 meters! Range without rivals! Find out how much you can be dominant with this grenade.
· 150 BB: hits hard and hits 150 times. 40 Mike is easy to load and easy to shoot.
· Increase the number of fps per shot: shoot 150 BB in 1/3 of a second and with a power up to 240 fps.
· Compatible with green or propane gas.
· DO NOT USE: HPA, CO2, NUPROL 3.0, NUPROL 4.0 or other high pressure gases.

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