Gas Pistol M93r Ii Ns2 Black Full Metal Kwa (kwa-211477)

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Brand: KWA
Weight: 1.10kg
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The famous M93R finally available in the version produced by KWA, perhaps the best on the market from many points of view.
Spectacular as a few, the M93R is today one of the most sought after pistols on the market,
small and lethal, designed to be used in tight environments and in anti-terrorist actions.
The replica of the KWA faithfully follows the lines of the firearm, including the
particular frontal foldable grip and the selection of semi automatic fire with burst burst 3 burst.
The trolley is made of metal while the body is made of polymer.
What's more, the M93R already has an extended charger that can hold up to 40bbs.
A must for all fans of the genre and for those who like to be respected in the CQB even with a "simple" gun.


- Produced by KWA, a leading company in the GBB market
- Historic and unmistakable design ... it's the M93R!
- Excellent in every situation, as a backup or in the CQB
- Polymer body, metal slide
- Selector of fire, single and controlled gust (3 bursts)
- Spectacular recoil (blowback)
- Increased 40bbs charger
- Adjustable hop up

Features :

Length: 248mm
Cane Length: 130mm
Weight: 1068g
Charger: 40bbs Mid-Capacity.
Power: 0.9J
Flame-flame Step: adapter
Gearbox: GBB
Hop-up: Yes, Adjustable
Package Includes: GBB Pistol, Charger, Manual

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