Battery Charger Nicd/nimh Technology A3 Compact Bluemax-power® (bmp-471073)

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TECHNOLOGY A3 COMPACT battery charger with balance.

- Input voltage: AC 110V-240V.
- Balance charge current: 2A.
- Display: Green - Red LED.
- Material: Reinforced polymer.
- Maximum charging power: 20W.
- Charge only NiCd/NiMH batteries from 5 to 8 cells.
- Connettore Large-Tamiya-Male & Mini-Tamiya-Male adaptor
- Certification: CE - ROHS - ISO9001:2000.

With the development of electrical technology, we have a new design of compact batteries charger for 5 to 8 cells NiCd/NiMH batteries with a wide AC input.
A built-in 100-240V AC switch is built and the high-precision balancing circuit can provide a higher current up to 2A per cell.
The dual color LED can display the charging process (RED: charge; GREEN: full).
This charger is compact and lightweight, especially inside there is a separate balancing port for each battery.

1. First connect the A3 COMPACT battery charger to the power, while the two power LEDs turn green, indicating that the battery charger is ready to operate.
2. Connect the battery pack to the battery charger, while the two power LEDs turn red and start recharging.
3. When the two power LEDs turn green, the charging process is terminated.

Connect the A3 COMPACT correctly to the current and battery according to the procedure described in the user's manual.
Use this charger under supervision.
Put the charger in a dry place and keep it away from the fire.
Do not pull strong and drag the power cord or replace it, otherwise it will cause a fire/electric shock.
Do not touch the battery charger and power cord with wet hands or cause electric shock.
To extend the battery life, remove it from power after charging.
Children should be observed by adults to use the battery charger.

- A3 COMPACT charger
- Power cord (EU)
- Instruction manual

Thanks to the decades-long experience of Softair Games, we are delighted to present the new BLUEMAX-POWER® batteries;
By always looking for the best for our customers, we propose this new product with the best features on the market today.
Softair Games is a official distributor of the BLUEMAX-POWER® brand for Italy and San Marino.
BLUEMAX-POWER® is a consolidated company for years and is a leader in the market for batteries, accessories and related items, from many years.
ISO9001: 2000 certified company, has a 360° production on a wide range of batteries.
Softair Games wants to offer and provide at the customer a high quality product with reasonable and very competitive prices.
All the products before being shipped and sold are subjected to various tests by both the manufacturer and the Softair Games.
This new technology, used to make these new batteries it allows a long battery life and a very good reliability with regard to safety and quality.

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