Battery Charger Lipo / Life Pro Fuel Rc (fl-sk55)

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Brand: FUEL RC
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Battery charger high quality economic balance 100-240V AC
designed for charging and balancing LiPo and LiFe cells 2/3/4 circuit power is 20W
maximum charging current can reach 3A
There are three types of charge 1A / 2A / 3A that can be selected
You can select the correct charging current
according to the capacity of the battery
Center LED that indicates the state of charge
(Ready to load / charging mode CC / CV charging / mode / finish)
four LEDs that indicate the status of each battery cell (charging / discharging)
In this case, one can know the charging process at any time
easily through the state LEDs
the operation of the charger is very simple
There are two switches in the charger, which may be used
for the selected type of battery and the charging current
after turning on the charger, select the type of battery
and charging current, connect the battery and the charger
with the balance board and the charger will begin to work.


- low consumption
- Power: Connect the power cord
  the AC outlet Main directly
- 100-240V AC input: You can use this charger worldwide
- Charge balance mode: the voltage of each cell is balanced
so that the battery will be charged at best and the life cycle will be longer

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