Battery Charger Lipo BM315 Compact Bluemax-power® (bmp-bm315)

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TECHNOLOGY TM3015 BIVOLT battery charger with balance.

- Power Input: AC 100 to 240V
- Power Output: Watts
- Charge current: 1.2A
- Battery Type: LiPo 2S- 3S (cells)
- Size: 920x67x35 mm
- Weight: 84 g
- Certification: CE - ROHS - ISO9001:2000.

The new compact BM315 charger is the best solution for the 2S and 3S (cells) Lipo battery because it is lightweight and compact, optimum power, 1.6A charge current, CA function and in particular there is the balancing port separate for each battery.

1. Initially, connect the BM315 to the current and then the three LED lights will turn green, indicating that the charger is ready to operate.
2. Connect the Lipo 2S or 3S (cells) battery to the balancing port and then the LED lights will turn red and start charging the battery. Please note that if a battery is fully charged, its LED light turns green.
3. After all the LED lights become green (2 green LEDs for 7.4 & 3 green LEDs for 11.1), the charging process is finish.

1. Only use the charger with LiPo/Li-ion battery types. Do not attempt to charge any other battery type.
2. Observe any cautions and warnings included in the description.
3. Never leave the charger unsupervised during use. If any malfunction is observed, immediately terminate the process.
4. Keep the charger away from moisture, dust, dirt, heat, direct sunlight and vibration. Do not drop it.
5. Double-check all connections prior to starting the charge process. Do not connect with reverse polarity.
6. The charger and the battery to be charged should be placed on a heat-resistant, non-flammable and non-conductive surface. Never place them on a car seat, carpet or similar. Keep flammable and volatile materials well away from the operating area.
7. When charging LiPo batteries, we suggest using a LiPo/Li-ion charging safety bag, available from our store.
8. Never charge a LiPo/Li-ion battery that is swollen in any way.
9. To avoid short-circuits between the output power adapter cord input connectors, always connect the adapter cord to the charger first and only then to the battery to be charged. Reverse the sequence when disconnecting.

- BM315 COMPACT charger
- Power cord (EU)
- Instruction manual

Thanks to the decades-long experience of Softair Games, we are delighted to present the new BLUEMAX-POWER® batteries;
By always looking for the best for our customers, we propose this new product with the best features on the market today.
Softair Games is a official distributor of the BLUEMAX-POWER® brand for Italy and San Marino.
BLUEMAX-POWER® is a consolidated company for years and is a leader in the market for batteries, accessories and related items, from many years.
ISO9001: 2000 certified company, has a 360° production on a wide range of batteries.
Softair Games wants to offer and provide at the customer a high quality product with reasonable and very competitive prices.
All the products before being shipped and sold are subjected to various tests by both the manufacturer and the Softair Games.
This new technology, used to make these new batteries it allows a long battery life and a very good reliability with regard to safety and quality.

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