Rifle prepared basic aeg gc arp 556 ns/fps/sg g&g (nsc-arp-556-m-bk-b)

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Preparation Basic.
ARP 556 model.
Electric operation.
Weight 2500gr.
Length 500mm - 590mm (adjustable).
Shooting mode: safe - single shot - full auto (3 rounds programmable).
Power ~ 320 fps.

Metal body.
Technopolymer & metal stock.
Polymer motor grip.
Metal flip up sights.
CNC aluminum handguard.
Flash hider in metal.
External barrel in aluminum.
Metal sling ring.

Preparation "Basic by NikkSakk Extreme Airsofcustom Arp556" da 25bb/s.

- Gearbox work in the points of greatest stress and polishing of the sliding parts.
- Etu 2.0 series electronic control unit.
-Installation of 8mm FPS-Airsoft self-lubricating full bushings made in Italy on central and sector gear.
-Installation of 8mm bushings bearing Fps-Airsoft made in Italy on bevel gear.
- 18.1 original gears optimized and shined perfectly for optimal sound and optimal durability over the years.
-Fps-Airsoft patented Zero-Shock piston made in Italy.
-FPS-Airsoft super lightened piston head made in Italy created in collaboration with Nikksakk Extreme Airsoftcustom.
-New generation Fps-Airsoft cylinder head made in Italy with shock-absorbing system to extend the life of the gearbox to the maximum.
- Optimized standard air nozzle.
-Spring in steel.
- 25k G&G high torque / high speed motor with neodymium magnets.
- Modified G&G rotary hop up group.
-Rubber with presser G&G green 50 shore.
-Lapping and polishing of standard barrel.
- Adjustment of alignments between grip / gearbox and between gearbox / hopup group.


The replica will have a rof (rate of fire) of about 25bb/s (variable depending on the battery used), it will be used only and exclusively with 11.1v battery up to 30c discharge.

The warranty will be 6 months and will be provided directly by Nikksakk Extreme Airsoftcustom, the seals will be present on the motor case back, gearbox and hopup chamber and if one of these is removed, the warranty will be considered canceled.
We remind you that after 10 days from the purchase the shipping costs, for any checks and/or improvements, will always be charged to the customer.

Recommended batteries: 11.1v lipo from 15c discharge to 30c discharge.

Recommended BB's: use only G&G, VFC, BOLT bb's, indifferent if normal or biodegradable 0.20g or 0.25g (the BB's 0.25 will be much more precise and the range will be greater), any damage caused by poor quality pellets will be considered to be borne by the customer, you will find on the package the complete warranty form with the Nikksakk Extreme Airsoftcustom contacts for any information you want during use.

Recommended magazines: the use of high-level magazines is recommended.
HI-CAP magazines: Lonex flash, Vfc with roller, G&G with roller,Gun Five,Amo-tech,Warmag.
MID-CAP magazines: 150bb Battleaxe - 150bb Pts Epm - 140bb Guarder - 120bb and 140bb Ares - Gun Five - Amo-tech - Warmag.

PREPARED replica.
HI-CAP magazine 450bb.
NikkSakk patch.

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