Rigid fast holster belt system for mk23 left version e.s. custom works (escw-29)



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MK23 Fast holster.
Left version.

NEW Holster for MK23, Available for both Right and Left handed.

Latest generation holster dedicated for the MK23 (marui and clones, also SSX23).

Super-precise and quick spring-loaded push-button hooking system.

It allows the replica to be accommodated very easily and with very high security.

The holster has the characteristic of blocking the release of the replica magazine, this will allow you not to lose the in-game magazines.

The coupling / release system is controlled by a 5kg thrust spring.

The entire structure is made by 3D printing using a TECHNICAL file loaded with CARBON, and internally, the structure has a steel mesh that guarantees unparalleled structural rigidity.

The holster has the housing of the Allen screw 2 integrated in its own body, a super practical housing for those who need to bring with them the HOPUP adjustment screw.

The belt hooking system is 100% CUSTOMIZABLE THANKS TO THE THROUGH SYSTEM located at the rear of the structure.

The crown system allows any player to use a personalized hook-up that is more pertinent to their setup, in the package a STANDARD hook for a belt will still be given.

The hole on the front instead has the functionality to CUSTOMIZE the angle of the holster on your belt.

The holster has been subjected to the heaviest stress tests and is ALWAYS right out.


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