Top Max Custom Electric Rifle Assault Replica Cqb-r Black Core™ Specna Arms® (spe-018319-tmax.02)



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ASSAULT Rifle CQB-R CORE™ rifle.
Color BLACK.
Electrical operation.
Shooting Mode: safe - single shot - burst.
Length 780mm - Closed stock 695mm.
Weight 2400gr.

Body and motor grip made of polymer fiber reinforced with glass fiber.
Outer barrel, flash hider and RIS made of metal.
Pins, shutter flap and fire selector made of steel.
Each replica has a unique SERIAL number marked on the body.
The replica is solid and has no play between the lower and upper receiver.
Using a polymer body has reduced weight, making it perfect for dynamic or long-range games.
In addition, fiberglass reinforcement makes the body more resistant to polymeric and metal bodies.
Replica is fully compatible with LiPo and LiFe batteries.
The replica was equipped with a 20mm RIS guide for optics / dot.
The barrel has a 14mm (CCW) left thread to allow the insertion of any silencers.
On the RIS guide there is a flip up sight mark.

The replica features a quick spring change system called CORE™ that allows the user to replace the spring in less than 45 seconds.
All you have to do is remove the screw inside the stock tube for access to the guide, which allows for quick and efficient replica adjustment depending on the conditions for the game without having to access the workshop or special tools.

Metal gearbox with CORE™ system.
SHS 16:1 steel gears.
8mm steel bushings.
Delayer shs metal.
Cut off modify ver.2.
Cylinder FPS TYPE C.
FPS TPPD piston head.
SHS high torque motor.
FPS spring 105.
Mosfet FPS micro 1.
QD gun five GF cushioned spring guide.
Switch ver.2 SHS.
High conduction cable + TOP MAX deans.
Workforce + TOP MAX optimization.
FPS cylinder head in aluminum.
SPE air nozzle in pom.
Reinforced polycarbonate piston, with full steel teeth to increase resistance.
Inner barrel length ~260mm.
NEW type adjustable hop up with ULTRA adjustment.

HI-CAP magazine 300bb.
Battery NIMH 9.6V x 1100MAH.
Battery charger for NIMH.
Vertical grip knight style.
2x cover rail.

We are proud to present you a new line of Specna Arms replicas. The manufacturer of known and preferred replica models has decided to meet their customers' needs and launched a series of replicas called Core™. A unique series that brings a new quality to the market. The attractive price combined with the innovative fast-change spring system and high-quality materials make Core ™ products suitable for beginners as well as for the most demanding fans of softair.

Costs, Quality Control, Guarantee:
Transaction costs may vary based on the AEG model held / selected. With a view to total transparency, a cost estimate will be communicated to you. Basically, you can get an idea of ​​the total cost by choosing the various options yourself. The staff reserves the right to suggest or modify your choice, taking into account your experience, to avoid superfluous or unsuitable processing.
The replica will be carefully tested and a report will be left with the tests carried out.
All the pieces removed because replaced will be returned to you.
The staff guarantees the quality of the work performed. Recognizes any warranty intervention if the user has strictly complied with the conditions of use provided and agreed. The staff is available for any doubt or advice on correct operation.
We remind you that the elaborated AEGs will be equipped with seals. Should these seals be removed by the user for any reason, we will not recognize any warranty intervention.
For all other information, please contact us at the addresses provided on the web.

TOPMAX Softair deals with, thanks to its twenty years experience in the field and the collaboration of Softair Games S.R.L., of professional technical upgrades for airsoft replicas.

The aim is to provide an optimized replication from all points of view, performing and reliable. Only the manual processing of each individual component can make the difference between a standard replica and a TOPMAX.


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Top Max Custom Electric Rifle Assault Replica Cqb-r Black Core™ Specna Arms® (spe-018319-tmax.02)

Top Max Custom Electric Rifle Assault Replica Cqb-r Black Core™ Specna Arms® (spe-018319-tmax.02)

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